The Past

The nuclear triad is comprised of three components: 

  • Land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles

  • Submarine-launched ballistic missiles

  • Strategic aerial bombers

These components are the nuclear vehicles to assure readiness against adversaries. The formation of the system began in the 1950s and with completion and full-scale operations beginning in the 1960s. Having the various legs of deterrence increases overall retaliation capabilities. Upon a first-strike attack by an enemy, this structure enables another leg to fight back, creating a larger threat against adversaries. 

F.E. Warren Air Force base became the home of the 90th Missile Wing in 1963, making the base one of the primary forces in operation at the time. The 90th Missile Wing currently employs nearly 3,122 military personnel and 616 civilian employees. Family members of assigned military personnel add approximately 5,500 to the local population. 

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce commenced advocacy efforts to secure congressional funding for GBSD

Two vendors were selected to compete in designing the new system; Boeing and Northrop Grumman. 

The final system being installed will be expected to remain in operation 

Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) is expected to begin and one vendor will be selected to champion the modernization. 

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce started to work with vendors on upgrade

$90 Billion was successfully budgeted by congress for GBSD & the United States Air Force began the vendor competition

The first ICBM installation was completed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base


The deployment of the new system is projected