The Present

Cheyenne, Wyoming and the surrounding areas are preparing for the installation of Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. This is the modernization of the ICBMs which are currently maintained and operated by the 90th Missile Wing at FE Warren Air Force Base. Congress has invested $90 billion into this upgrade and the Air Force has narrowed down the search to two vendors; Northrop Grumman and Boeing. These vendors are currently competing to be the selected vendor to design the new weapon system. 

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has been proactive throughout this process in regularly communicating with the Air Force and the vendors on local capabilities. This level of investment by Congress will make a large impact on our local economy. To best prepare for the modernization the Chamber has been active in positioning the community to be successful once the vendor is selected and the deployment of the new design is in full swing.

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce commenced advocacy efforts to secure congressional funding for GBSD

Two vendors were selected to compete in designing the new system; Boeing and Northrop Grumman. 

The final system being installed will be expected to remain in operation 

Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) is expected to begin and one vendor will be selected to champion the modernization. 

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce started to work with vendors on upgrade

$90 Billion was successfully budgeted by congress for GBSD & the United States Air Force began the vendor competition

The first ICBM installation was completed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base


The deployment of the new system is projected