The Future

The first time this technology was installed, there was nothing like it. During the transition to the GBSD weapon system, the vendor will be required to keep the previously innovative Minuteman III system operative. This is imperative to the process and a new challenge, unlike its predecessors. The selected vendor will have a close partnership with the United State Air Force and will have to work closely with local representation to execute their desired plan. Generations to come will be able to use the information acquired to apply lessons learned for the planning of the next modernization prior to 2075. 

Overall the new technology will have to be secure, reliable and safe, while integrating efficient methods for maintenance and operation. Being aware of the forever changing technologies as well, the selected vendors are working to address affordable adaptability for the weapon system. 

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce commenced advocacy efforts to secure congressional funding for GBSD

Two vendors were selected to compete in designing the new system; Boeing and Northrop Grumman. 

The final system being installed will be expected to remain in operation 

Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) is expected to begin and one vendor will be selected to champion the modernization. 

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce started to work with vendors on upgrade

$90 Billion was successfully budgeted by congress for GBSD & the United States Air Force began the vendor competition

The first ICBM installation was completed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base


The deployment of the new system is projected