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 Nuclear deterrence has a long standing history 

in our Nation to SERVE and PROTECT.


F.E. Warren Air Force Base plays an integral role as the home to the 90th Missile Wing, one of three land-based nuclear deterrence bases in the nation.


The current goal of the Chamber is to prepare and stay engaged. Cheyenne, Wyoming is GBSD-bound and it is the community's duty to make sure we are prepared and ready to take action. 


This kind of investment will impact generations to come. Advancements in the local military can bring additional economic development and growth to the community. It is time to plan and be ready for it.

Image by SpaceX

We are preparing for the installation of the LGM-35A SENTINEL missile. This is the modernization of the ICBMs which are currently maintained and operated by the 90th Missile Wing at FE Warren Air Force Base. America is investing $86 billion into this upgrade and the Air Force has chosen Northrop Grumman as the primary contractor to deliver this important project.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has been proactive throughout this process in regularly communicating with the Air Force and the vendors on local capabilities. This level of investment by our nation will make a large impact on our local economy. To best prepare for the modernization, the Chamber has been active in positioning the community to be successful once Northrop Grumman's deployment of the new design is fully implemented.

Image by Claud Richmond

Cheyenne, Wyoming's FE Warren Air Force Base is an ideal destination to begin the modernization because of its unequivocal infrastructure: broadband, water, railroad, interstate corridor for I25 & I80, and access to air service. The transportation alone makes bringing materials in and out of the area simpler compared to other locations.

Image by NASA

The large investment to execute the installation of the new weapons system will greatly impact the local economy. Our nation will invest $86 billion towards modernization. This amount will be shared among the three land-based missile bases as well as supporting communities. 


National security is of utmost importance and our community takes this seriously. The leading focus of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is positioning our businesses to best serve with Northrop Grumman to execute this installation. Businesses will work to provide the materials and personnel to execute needed tasks and bring their sheer knowledge and expertise of the local landscape to each project as we assure the quality of work and that deadlines are met.

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Cheyenne is GBSD-Bound and the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is navigating this critical moment in history for Wyoming.


Extensive amounts of money will enter the community and economy at one time, resulting in heightened economic impact. From preparing our community's future workforce to supplying suitable housing in our community, the Chamber is currently addressing what is needed to be well equipped for what is ahead. The Chamber will continue to work with local partners, businesses, and elected officials to create a sound foundation to best execute this pressing investment in national security.

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